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As the real estate market starts to heat up again, SGLA has been working on more Garden Staging projects.  Sellers renovate and refurnish the house to appeal to a buyer. Renovating the garden, especially the front curbside garden, can also boost the resale value and lead to a quicker sale.

But so often we hear sellers experience ‘staging remorse’.  “I wish I had done this while I still lived here!”  Not going anywhere? Maybe you would enjoy staging your garden now, for you and your family to enjoy. A quick cleanup with some new containers filled with bright flowers can transform a garden, at relatively low cost.

SGLA offers a range of cost-effective landscape renovation services to home owners:

  • ‘Before’ and ‘After’ idea sheets generated for your property in Photoshop
  • Weeding/pruning/mulching for gardens that are (nearly) perfect
  • Garden renovation plans (for installation by your contractor)
  • Full design/installation package (turn-key installation by our contractors)
  • Garden staging with inviting outdoor furnishings and colorful container plantings



Sarah Gronquist

has been designing California landscapes since 2000. Her projects include commercial and institutional gardens, multi-family housing, and private homes.

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